Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Due Date?

We have been busily preparing for the arrival of our little man.  Part of the preparation has been getting all my paperwork in line to take my maternity leave from work.  One of the documents they need is to be filled out by my doctor stating that I legitimately need the time off.  I picked up the completed paperwork at our last Dr appointment and had it for a few days before I really sat down and read it all the way through.  To my surprise everywhere it stated my estimated due date they have listed 9/15/2010.... um what?  The 23rd has been the only date I've known of since my fist visit. 

I have had long break (3 weeks) between my last appointment as well because the Dr has been out of town, I'll have my next appointment next week.  Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to ask him about it or not.  I'm not sure, it might be nice to have this kid a little earlier which might not happen if I point out this conflict.  My friend Mandy just gave me the low down on my Dr (we see the same one and she just came back from maternity leave) she said that our Dr is even open to starting me earlier than our due date if we ask him nicely.  Which means "potentially" we could be having this kid in the next two weeks.  Initially the thought of it possibly only being two weeks away scares the crap out of me, but after the nights sleep I just got last night I'm warming up to the idea.

So...Tyce... we might be meeting you sooner than we thought!  We'll see!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Found It & Got It

I searched and searched for a diaper bag over the past few weeks.  Last week I finally found one and got it.  Isn't she pretty.

I have actually been doing a lot of online shopping lately which I have never really done before but I'm finding to be quite enjoyable.  The only problem is that I have no patience for the shipping process and I'm too cheap to pay for it to get here faster.

Another purchase that I made was for a Belly Bandit.  Have you heard of these?  I started hearing somethings about them and how well they work shrinking your belly back down to size after you have your baby so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I'll let you know how it works out. 

I have definitely hit that wall where I'm absolutely sick and tired of being pregnant. I'm uncomfortable ALL the time, exhausted, and just wishing away the days until I get to feel like myself again.  I'd give anything to lay on my stomach right now.... *Sigh*  only 6 more weeks to go.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nearly Done

Kyle and I are nearly finished with Tyce's room.  We finished up painting the book case donated to us from the Blanchard Grandparents to be and it's just the perfect fun punch of color I was looking for.

I also finished my block letters with some matching scrapbook paper and mod podge.  Kyle built the empty frame to go around it out of our left over trim from the faux wainscoting.

My talented Mom got the finishing touches on the baby quilt and left me with a bunch of left over fabric circles.  I decided to mod podge them to a blank canvas for a wall hanging.

I'm starting to run out of steam but there's still a little more I'd like to get done, curtains for one.  If I don't get them done in time though I think his room is complete enough to leave it be for a while.