Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Update

I just wanted to post a quick baby update.  Kyle and I went to our big ultra sound this week where they take all the measurements and look a little more in depth at the baby to make sure he is developing okay.  Good new is everything is on track and looking great.  We were a little disappointed, we were hoping to get a good look at his face thanks to 4D ultra sounds, but our tech just couldn't get a clear shot of his face.  She said he was just in there too tight.  We did get the money shot of his boy parts though which always helps to put Kyle at ease.

We were just happy to hear that everything is okay and that we can, at this point, plan on having a happy healthy baby.  I was a little nervous to go, sometimes I wonder if it's better to be in the dark or in the know with some of the things they can detect so early on these days.

I have been feeling the baby moving a lot more lately.  Usually he just likes to bounce on my bladder and I can't feel anything outward, but all of the sudden he's been moving around like crazy and I was dying for Kyle to feel.  The night we got our targeted I told Kyle that he just had to sit there with his hands on my belly because every time I would tell him to feel he would stop moving; this way he would already be there when he moved.  It didn't take long and Kyle was able to feel him for the first time.  He was slightly taken back and weirded out (how does he think I feel?) but I was glad he got to actually feel something.

We picked up our crib last night and now it's time to start decorating... the fun stuff. Yeah!  And we've almost got a name picked out, I think.  Progress is good!