Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Island Vacation

I'm sorry that it's been a while...I told you I wasn't sure if I would be so good at this blog thing.
Kyle and I returned from a cruise about a month ago. We had so much fun visiting new places with our good friends Erin and Matt Read. I was reminiscing today on that vacation and thought about how I never wanted to come back. We did run into some in climate weather on this trip but who can complain really when it was the middle of January and it only dropped to 71 when it was a tropical down pour, much better than the 35 it was in Utah when we left.

We had three stops, the first was Cozumel Mexico. We had the chance to go to a reserve for Sting Rays where we got to swim with about 100 of them big and small. I was kind of nervous at first because of the whole Steve Erwin thing, but then i found out all of their barbs are trimmed so there was no way they could kill me. We got to feed them and hold them, unfortunately i don't have a picture of that because they wouldn't let us take our camera in that area. But we did get a few when we were snorkeling...

Our Second stop was Roatan Honduras, a small island off the main land. This was the most beautiful stop of the trip, the sun came out on the beautiful tropical island. Because the sun was out Erin and I just wanted to lay out on the beach and soak it in while the boys went snorkeling, but shortly after they swam out to the reef they were brought back on a boat that had stopped to see if they wanted to go farther out of the reef where the really good snorkeling is. We decided it would be a shame to miss something so we hopped on and headed out. I was so glad we did too, it was absolutely awesome! It turns out the the reef that surrounds the island is the second largest reef in the world! This is everyones favorite fish.

Our third stop was Costa Maya Mexico. This was the worst day we had on our trip, it was pouring rain the second we walked off the ship, so we decided to hang around the port for a while and shop to give it a chance to let up. Well it never really did so we decided to take a taxi into town and see what there was to do. It turns out that Costa Maya was ravaged by a hurricane not long ago and was still a mess. The town was a little creepy and we were all just bummed... that was until the boys found the wave runners. We ended up taking them out on the open ocean that was really choppy because of the storm. We ended up having so much fun! The only creepy thing was because the water was so choppy you could still see things moving in the water below you but you weren't quite sure what they were. Let's just say when Kyle and I fell off we were quick to get right back on.

All in all it was a VERY fun time even though the conditions weren't perfect. I highly recommend this kind of vacation to anyone! We'll that's it for this time... hopefully I'll have something else to say soon! Thanks!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yeah; I Caved..

Well I've done it; caved to peer pressure at last (and for the first time in my life honest). I am going to attempt this blog thing. I'm not to good at keeping up on changing things, my facebook has had the same picture on it since I started it. I do want to get better at documenting our life and marrage through picutres so hopefully this will hep me to do it. You should all get a blog too, it's great, everyone is doing it....