Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sand Display

A few years ago Kyle and I started traveling and I decided that I wanted to collect sand from all the beautiful beaches that we have been too as a little keep sake.  When I told my Mom about my new collection, being the crafty thoughtful Mother she is, she sent me this pic of a fun way to display my collection.

So I found some great little spice jars at Bed Bath & Beyond which were the perfect size to display.  I spray painted the white caps silver and that was that.  Well, a few years later I still hadn't put them on display the way they should have been, they were just thrown on a shelf  with a few other odds and ends that we have collected in our travels.  Recently my Mom just bought a new fun little Cricut and offered to let me use it to have vinyl letters cut to put the names on my jars, in place of the black sharpie I had been using.  Once I had that done I knew I finally had to display them the way they should be.

(Sorry there's no before pics... I'll remember to start doing that eventually.)

I think it turned out pretty good, not exactly what I envisioned but it will work it's self out over the years.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Famous Mama

Today my Mom had her 15 minutes of fame. She was on the local TV show, Studio 5, showing off her mad rug hooking skills. I think she did a bangin good job. I just hope she doesn't forget about us little people.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally Furniture

Kyle has been a busy man.  Four months ago kyle decided he was goig ot build me a bedroom set out of scratch.  He plained every board, glued them all toegtehr to make a sheet of wood, the made the furniture out of that sheet; a lot of work.  Finally, he has finished the night stands.  I think they turned out beautiful, i just hope the bed and dressers go a little quicker.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holiday's Update

I thought I'd finally get around to updating you all  on our comings and goings this holiday season.  This Christmas I would have to say was the least hectic we have had in a few years. We spent all Christmas Eve with Kyle's Dad, his whole family came up to eat dinner.  We had tons of fun playing games and stuffing our faces.  We spent Christmas morning with my Mom and Dad, we got to eat out traditional Christmas quiche and opened presents.  Kyle gave me a beautiful diamond ring.  We also got the best present of all; we got to talk to my brother Paige who is on a mission.   We didn't forget the traditional Christmas day movie, Sherlock Holmes.  After the movie we headed up to Kyle's Mom's were we opened more presents, played games, and ate some of Roger's delicious food.  All and all it was a very good, but very long day.


We spent New Year's Eve with our friends Matt and Erin.  We rocked it out most the nigh playing Guitar Hero, which we definitely have yet to perfect our skills.  Matt grilled us up some delicious steaks, which we ate while we watched a couple movies.  We did manage to remember to watch the ball drop with about two minutes to spare, at which time I gave my honey a big ol' smootch!

New Years evening my family came over to celebrate my Mom's Birthday.  I made her B-Day dinner request which were some tasty chicken enchiladas and sweet corn bread.  Then we spent the evening playing games and just enjoying each others company.

The next day of the New Year I spent most all the day making a wedding cake for my cousin's wedding reception.  I think it turned out good, don't you?,/span>

and that my friends... is the last few weeks in a nut shell.