Thursday, December 10, 2009

{Family Fun}

Recently my parents had decided that we don't get together enough as a family so we are starting a new tradition, every first Monday of the month we'll get together for a good ol' fashion Family Night.  This Monday was our first, Mom wanted to go to This is The Place Park in SLC to see the Christmas lights, but after the snow and wind we decided that it was going to be too cold.  Instead we decided to stay in and make gingerbread houses.  It was tons of fun watching 6 grown adults make these houses and munching on candy that none of us had had in years!

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have finally found the time to write about my Thanksgiving now that it's the official Christmas season.  This Thanksgiving i was given the assignment to bring an appetizer and a dessert.  Now i haven't quite perfected this cooking thing but for this Thanksgiving i decided to go all out and try things that i had never done before and cross my fingers that everything turned out okay so i didn't have to run to the store last minute to buy something pre-made,  I found a quick and easy recipe for a spinach artichoke dip which turned out so good i thought id share it:

1-Stick Butter (melt in pan)
1- small onion (mince and saute in pan of butter)
1- pkg frozen chopped spinach (thaw and drain excess water, add to mixture, keep heat on the whole time)
1- 8oz pkg Cream Cheese (add to mixture, stir until melted)
1- Cup Sour Cream (add to mixture)
1- Can marinated artichoke hearts (chop & Add to mixture)
3/4 C, Shredded Parmesan cheese (add to micture, stir until melted)
1- cup shredded Monterrey Jack cheese (add to mixture, save a little to melt on top)
crushed red pepper flake (to taste, optional)
crushed garlic (to taste, optional)
Serve with a toasted baguette slice, corn chips, or french bread.

I also decided i would try my hand at making a homemade cheesecake since my sister is the pie queen in the family.  I discovered that cooking those just right is a little hard, the middle stays wiggly the whole time so i didn't know it was done until it had cracked.  It tasted delicious though. 

The day after thanksgiving Erin and i went shopping, but not too early with all those nutty's,  I was actually very disappointed with myself, we shopped for like 6 hours and i only got three presents done.  Oh, well i guess that just means i have to go again and again.

I'm grateful for all my blessings, for my wonderful husband who is always so thoughtful and willing to help anyone with anything, for my parents for raising me to become the woman i am today, and for our jobs and all the comforts they provide us.  This year im especially thankful for my grandpa Burton; who recently passed away, for all the stories, lessons, and love that he shared with me.

Happy holidays everyone!