Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Fathers Day

We celebrated Kyles first Fathers Day this year, and what a year it has been!  This man works so hard to make sure that  we are always provided for and live a happy, healthy life.  He's always self sacrificing, and I love him more every day for it.
He was so modest Sunday, he kept saying that he didn't know why I was going to all the trouble to make the day special that it was just like another day.  It's not to me though, he deserves to feel extra loved and appreciated for just one day for all the things he does.

Love you Babe!  I hope you had a Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 20, 2011


This post is long overdue, but better late than never right?!

We wend camping over memorial day weekend to Kyle's Grandparent's cabin in Fairview.  Kyle's Dad was kind enough to let us take their fifth wheel trailer, which made the experience a little more manageable for me.  I think if we wouldn't have had it we would have been heading home after the first night.

The weather wasn't ideal but we did have a good time.  Tyce was such a trooper, even with the cold it didn't faze him a bit.  I think he quite enjoyed the change of scenery since he's been cooped up inside most his life.
 Happy boy even on the long drive.

 Kyle took him for his first four wheeler ride.  He was tired and it was too noisy for his little ears.  He didn't enjoy it at all.

 We were the first ones there so we went into town while we waited for everyone else, and Nephi was having a Scandinavian Festival so we stopped to take a stroll.

 This is Jimmer... Tyce previously has hated Jimmer, dogs scare him.  This trip he warmed right up though and then he couldn't get enough, though Jimmer could have cared less about him because all he does is pull his fur.

 Snuggles with Daddy.
 Crooked bum crack right at the top! So funny! Tyce though rolling around on the bed was the funniest thing to do.

 Loved his tubby in the sink!
The one and only picture with Mom because Dad never picks up the camera! GRRRR!

Friday, June 17, 2011

9 Months

My Little Man turn 9 months old yesterday. 

We just got back from the Dr and Mom got a gold star for a perfectly healthy baby! Yeah for me!  I don't know why but I'm always nervous before we go.  I guess I never realized how much pressure Mom's are under to make sure their children are growing and developing the way they should be until now.  I owe my Mom a big ol' thanks, I think we all turned out alright.

Since Tyce is starting to show more and more interest in real food and he's got a couple, teeth with four more coming in right now; I thought I'd give some solids a try with him.  Little did I know it would be such an amusing experience.  Everything I tried to give him he would swirl around in his mouth for a minute munch on it once or twice and then immediately gag until he threw up..... I'm thinking we should wait a while longer. HA! 

We recently went to visit our friends Brock and Carrie and their newborn baby girl Brooklyn.  After we got a good snuggle in and headed home for the night Kyle and I started talking about baby #2 and how far apart we would want them to be.  We were thinking like two years... until we did the math and realized that it meant I would need to be prego again in like 6 months, which in turn made us both hyperventilate a little.  Three years quickly sounded better!

We'll just enjoy our time with this little guy until then!