Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{Tropical Dreams & Home Suite Home}

Kyle and I are patiently counting down the days to our vacation. We were lucky enough to be able to afford a vacation to tropical Honolulu, HI. Were looking forward to a relaxing week of fun and adventure with our friends Matt & Erin.
Kyle and I have also put our home on the market. We decided it's just time to find something that we could grown into, not out of. We have listed with Lori W. Lee, so far we have had 3 showings in 3 days. Were hopeful that the phone will ring soon with an offer.

If you know anyone that's in the market for a starter home, let us know!

Monday, October 5, 2009

East Canyon

This weekend Kyle and I headed up to East Canyon for a relaxing weekend away from home with our friend Matt and Erin. We wanted to enjoy the changing leaves and the outdoors.

Kyle and Matt decided to enjoy a man's man activity and went fly fishing. They didn't have much luck with the fly fishing but did catch a few with a regular ol' pole.

While the boys were out fishing us girl stayed in and did a few crafts. Now anyone that knows me knows i am a bit of a craft virgin, which is surprising considering who my mother is. Erin introduced me to the exciting world of decoupaging. I needed some Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and got them all in one weekend!

First we made these cute picture frames.

Then these cute letters that I'll attach to a 2x4 later.
My proudest craft were these two wall hanging vases. I have been looking for something to go on either side of my mirror that i have hanging in our living room for ever. Earlier last week Erin and I headed to Gardner Village which is were i found my inspiration, they were just a little too pricey.

The inspiration:

The Home Made Version:

2-Upside Down Wreath Hooks, 2-Vases & Some Old Wire is all it Takes

We also decorated these vases with some ribbon and went out to collect a little nature to liven them up. With how wet and rainy this weekend was the trails we decided to drive on to get our leaves were a little muddy and slippery. We managed to four wheel it up a few, and only made the Read's slightly uncomfortable in the back seat while the truck was slip and sliding up and down the hills with a steep decline on one side.

Erin and I decided we should participate in a little activity with our spouses at some point during the weekend and of course the boys made it the most manly activity of all, shooting guns.

We didn't forget it was conference weekend though. We watched it while we were finishing up the crafts. The boys almost made it through the whole thing with out falling asleep. They tried so hard, but some of those speakers were just too monotone to make it.
All in all it was an awesome weekend! Thanks to Matt and Erin for sharing the condo with us, can't wait to do it again!
Next on the Blanchard Blog... the new room.