Monday, July 6, 2009

Four Wheeling & the Fourth

My family decided to get together this holiday weekend and participate in one of our favorite activities; four wheeling. We went up on a trail just above Strawberry Reservoir and the scenery was beautiful. It truly helps remind me of how beautiful this country is and how grateful I am for the sacrifices that others have made to let me enjoy it and the freedoms we all have.

We stopped to enjoy a picnic lunch... I promise we were all enjoying ourselves even though we all look grumpy. Food always seems to taste better like this.

After word we had planned to stop in Heber City to eat some dinner but we ended the day a little earlier than we thought so we ended up just getting a treat at the local fav, Grannies. Nothing like hand spun shake and fresh cut fries, this was taken after they were devoured.

I love my family, and my country! Happy Fourth!