Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crafting Like Crazy

As you've noticed the posts have been MIA until now.  I have been crafting my little brains out, as well as refinishing furniture.  At the moment Im in the middle of a HUGE project that will be a super fun reveal when it's done.  Here are few tid bits I've completed.

 Found this super cute mirror and the Layton DI.  I couldn't resist it even though I don't have a wall big enough for it.  I finished it in Krylons Sun Yellow and a little glaze, yumm!  It's FOR SALE, I wish I could keep it.

Kyle's Mom, Nan came down for  day with me and Tyce and brought a chair to refinish.  We whipped this baby together in about 1.5 hours.  Isn't that fabric adorable?  We found it at Handcock Fabrics for only $6 a yard!

 We got family pictures taken  in June and got the disc a few weeks later.  I knew that I had to get them framed and hung immediately or who knew when I'd get around to it.  I ran out to DI to find some fun frames that wouldn't break the bank and got them started as soon as I got home.  I got them finished an hung the very next day.

I made this little stand with the idea of a food tray but them I thought it would be fun to use as a jewelry tray on the dresser, a little bling for my little bling.

Super busy, super fun.  There's still more but alas it will wait!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

11 Months and Counting

My baby just turned 11 months yesterday, his birthday is just around the corner and I'm busily preparing for his party.  It's hard to do though with Tyce crawling circles around me, he keeps me really busy as you can see.

Tyce is even attempting to walk already.  He still wont repeat or say Mama or Dada, but he sure knows what a cow says.  MOOOO!