Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Kyle and I have reluctantly returned home from our island paradise. I tell you I could get used to the island life. We visited the beautiful island Oahu for 7 blissful days and 6 relaxing nights, in which we crammed in as much fun and relaxing as possible.

We visited many beaches along Oahu's beautiful coast line including the ever famous North Shore where Kyle and Matt enjoyed attempting boogie boarding with the big boys; as well as Waikiki Beach. We visited the Stadium Swap Meet and bought a few trinkets. Took a hike up Diamond Head, visited the Hawaii Temple (closed for renovations), and furthered our knowledge of the Polynesian Island at the Cultural Center, and visited Pear Harbor.

Needless to say we're sad to be home.

Quote of the Trip:
"Augh, there's sand everywhere!"-Erin Read @ Waikiki Beach