Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well... here she is...

I finished her up last night and I absolutly LOVE the way she turned out. (I might not be able to part with her)

Keep in mind this is the before

My questions to you all is; do you think I would have better luck selling it on my own or should I look into a consignment store?  Which one will give me the most bang foy my buck?

Friday, April 16, 2010


Im discovering that priming is VERY important when refurbishing,  I ran out and called it good before my project was covered thoroughly.  Im crossing my fingers that it'll still turn out!  The after will be done this weekend, wait for it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Kidding

So... the Dr.'s office called yesterday to see if they could reschedule my appointment for today because the Dr would be out on Wednesday.  Kyle worked it out so he could come and guess what...


Kyle was absolutly thrilled, on cloud nine, extatic to say the least when the Dr. pointed it out his man parts (the babies that is)  We're both very excited to have a very confident verification of what this baby is.  I had just started wrapping my head around the possibility of a girl, now I have to totally change gears and start focusing on boy things.  Very exciting thought!

Things are starting to get real...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh my... I am such a slacker.  I cant believe it's been a whole month since I've posted anything.  Im discovering that just being pregnant leaves me with absolutly no energy for anything.  Funny, I thought that came AFTER the birth.

I also wanted to let you know that I fully intented to have pictures with this post only to find that I have forgotten the cord needed to download the pictures to my computer.  Again, pregnancy=mushy brain.  I'll try to get some on here later.

As for the pregnancy it's self.  Everything is going wonderfully.  Having now entered my second tri, I am finally starting to feel back to normal; well as normal as could be anyway.  The sickness is now gone, and im not quite as drop dead tired as I used to be.  I know my last post I told you all that the Dr. told us that it was a girl.  Well after that post I  became more and more weary that it could be quite possible that this baby turns out to be something else by our next appointment.  So, Wendnesday is our next Dr appt and by then I'll be a day shy of 17 weeks, whatever the Dr. says then, I think I'll believe it and actually start to get ready for this baby.  Kyle is still crossing his fingers that it will magically change into a boy by Wendesday; but we are both preparing for a girl and will be thrilled with whatever the outcome is.  

I've also started a new project.  Kyle is always doing little side jobs to earn us extra money to help pay things off or just for fun money, and I love him for it.  I've been following a blog called All Things Thrifty which is a do it yourselfer woman that shows all her cleaver little projects and makeovers.  She refinishes furniture all the time and it turns out adorable.  Sometimes she keeps it and sometimes she sells it.  I've taken my inspiration from her and decided that im going to try my hand at refurbishing furniture to resell to help out a little so Kyle doesnt feel like he has to brake his back doing all his projects.  I purchased my first endevor this weekend, an old, child abused, coffee table that I picked up for $20.00.

 (Lucky for me the seller hadn't taken it off KSL this morning)

I'll have another update later this week, with a baby sex, and possibly an after picture depending on how much energy I have....