Thursday, December 10, 2009

{Family Fun}

Recently my parents had decided that we don't get together enough as a family so we are starting a new tradition, every first Monday of the month we'll get together for a good ol' fashion Family Night.  This Monday was our first, Mom wanted to go to This is The Place Park in SLC to see the Christmas lights, but after the snow and wind we decided that it was going to be too cold.  Instead we decided to stay in and make gingerbread houses.  It was tons of fun watching 6 grown adults make these houses and munching on candy that none of us had had in years!

Friday, December 4, 2009


I have finally found the time to write about my Thanksgiving now that it's the official Christmas season.  This Thanksgiving i was given the assignment to bring an appetizer and a dessert.  Now i haven't quite perfected this cooking thing but for this Thanksgiving i decided to go all out and try things that i had never done before and cross my fingers that everything turned out okay so i didn't have to run to the store last minute to buy something pre-made,  I found a quick and easy recipe for a spinach artichoke dip which turned out so good i thought id share it:

1-Stick Butter (melt in pan)
1- small onion (mince and saute in pan of butter)
1- pkg frozen chopped spinach (thaw and drain excess water, add to mixture, keep heat on the whole time)
1- 8oz pkg Cream Cheese (add to mixture, stir until melted)
1- Cup Sour Cream (add to mixture)
1- Can marinated artichoke hearts (chop & Add to mixture)
3/4 C, Shredded Parmesan cheese (add to micture, stir until melted)
1- cup shredded Monterrey Jack cheese (add to mixture, save a little to melt on top)
crushed red pepper flake (to taste, optional)
crushed garlic (to taste, optional)
Serve with a toasted baguette slice, corn chips, or french bread.

I also decided i would try my hand at making a homemade cheesecake since my sister is the pie queen in the family.  I discovered that cooking those just right is a little hard, the middle stays wiggly the whole time so i didn't know it was done until it had cracked.  It tasted delicious though. 

The day after thanksgiving Erin and i went shopping, but not too early with all those nutty's,  I was actually very disappointed with myself, we shopped for like 6 hours and i only got three presents done.  Oh, well i guess that just means i have to go again and again.

I'm grateful for all my blessings, for my wonderful husband who is always so thoughtful and willing to help anyone with anything, for my parents for raising me to become the woman i am today, and for our jobs and all the comforts they provide us.  This year im especially thankful for my grandpa Burton; who recently passed away, for all the stories, lessons, and love that he shared with me.

Happy holidays everyone! 


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Kyle and I have reluctantly returned home from our island paradise. I tell you I could get used to the island life. We visited the beautiful island Oahu for 7 blissful days and 6 relaxing nights, in which we crammed in as much fun and relaxing as possible.

We visited many beaches along Oahu's beautiful coast line including the ever famous North Shore where Kyle and Matt enjoyed attempting boogie boarding with the big boys; as well as Waikiki Beach. We visited the Stadium Swap Meet and bought a few trinkets. Took a hike up Diamond Head, visited the Hawaii Temple (closed for renovations), and furthered our knowledge of the Polynesian Island at the Cultural Center, and visited Pear Harbor.

Needless to say we're sad to be home.

Quote of the Trip:
"Augh, there's sand everywhere!"-Erin Read @ Waikiki Beach

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

{Tropical Dreams & Home Suite Home}

Kyle and I are patiently counting down the days to our vacation. We were lucky enough to be able to afford a vacation to tropical Honolulu, HI. Were looking forward to a relaxing week of fun and adventure with our friends Matt & Erin.
Kyle and I have also put our home on the market. We decided it's just time to find something that we could grown into, not out of. We have listed with Lori W. Lee, so far we have had 3 showings in 3 days. Were hopeful that the phone will ring soon with an offer.

If you know anyone that's in the market for a starter home, let us know!

Monday, October 5, 2009

East Canyon

This weekend Kyle and I headed up to East Canyon for a relaxing weekend away from home with our friend Matt and Erin. We wanted to enjoy the changing leaves and the outdoors.

Kyle and Matt decided to enjoy a man's man activity and went fly fishing. They didn't have much luck with the fly fishing but did catch a few with a regular ol' pole.

While the boys were out fishing us girl stayed in and did a few crafts. Now anyone that knows me knows i am a bit of a craft virgin, which is surprising considering who my mother is. Erin introduced me to the exciting world of decoupaging. I needed some Fall/Thanksgiving decorations and got them all in one weekend!

First we made these cute picture frames.

Then these cute letters that I'll attach to a 2x4 later.
My proudest craft were these two wall hanging vases. I have been looking for something to go on either side of my mirror that i have hanging in our living room for ever. Earlier last week Erin and I headed to Gardner Village which is were i found my inspiration, they were just a little too pricey.

The inspiration:

The Home Made Version:

2-Upside Down Wreath Hooks, 2-Vases & Some Old Wire is all it Takes

We also decorated these vases with some ribbon and went out to collect a little nature to liven them up. With how wet and rainy this weekend was the trails we decided to drive on to get our leaves were a little muddy and slippery. We managed to four wheel it up a few, and only made the Read's slightly uncomfortable in the back seat while the truck was slip and sliding up and down the hills with a steep decline on one side.

Erin and I decided we should participate in a little activity with our spouses at some point during the weekend and of course the boys made it the most manly activity of all, shooting guns.

We didn't forget it was conference weekend though. We watched it while we were finishing up the crafts. The boys almost made it through the whole thing with out falling asleep. They tried so hard, but some of those speakers were just too monotone to make it.
All in all it was an awesome weekend! Thanks to Matt and Erin for sharing the condo with us, can't wait to do it again!
Next on the Blanchard Blog... the new room.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Update

With the ofical first day of Autumn fast approaching next week I thought I should give a final update on my summer doings.

This summer Kyle and I enjoyed eachothers company, friends, the outdoors, food and fun! One of our families favorite summer activities as you have noticed is both waverunning, and four wheeling. Kyle somehow mannaged to convience me to purchase another four wheeler reciently. We decided to take it out on its innogural ride a few days after we got it and headed up to Avon, just the two of us.

Please pardon the dirty faces; just one of the perks of riding. Nothing like the taste dirt in your mouth to give you a real appreciation for the outdoors.

We also managed to convince our friend Erin, who had never ridden a four wheeler, to take her and her husband out for a ride. No pics for this one, but we all headed up to East Canyon where Matt and Erin have access to all 150,000 acres of land to ride on. It was a perfect day for riding and the trails were beautiful, we're looking forward to going again sometime.

I also got the decorating bug over the summer. Our house is a little on the small side and when ever we have people over there just doesn't to seem to be enough room. So i decided that i needed to purchase a new sectional for additional seating. Well after a full day of searching from here to point of the mountain with the help of my friend Erin, we came to the conclusion that I just wasnt going to find something that i was in love with and afford; so i just settled with redecorating. The room is not quite complete but here it is.

It's brighter and more colorful

Next... onto the bedroom!

On a side note; for some reason the decorating bug always seems to hit me when Kyle is gone hunting. Every year he comes home to something new.

Kyle did go bow hunting this year with is Dad and Grandpa but was unsuccessful. For some reason it's alot harder to kill and animal with a stick than a bullet. I do have to say that im relieved that he didn't get anything.

So that's it for now. While the weather last a little longer well soak up as much as we can, maybe go waveruning a few more times, and possibly go camping? I am excited to fall to be here though, it's my favorite season. I just hope we dont skip it and move straight onto winter.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I know I've already blogged about this before but my flowers are getting so big and pretty! We are now frequented with random strangers stopping outside our house to stare at the flowers. Lots of old folks, we've even had people walk up and knock on our door to see what our secret is to getting them so big... p.s. the secret is that there is no secret, we water and fertilize every 2-3 weeks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun with Friends & Fam

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. It's been a busy summer, Kyle and I are always going non-stop. Most of our time has been spent out on the lakes.

Me & My Sister-In-Law

My Honey & Me

Kyle showing off his "Skills"

Most recently our outing was one of those that the whole time your thinking to yourself "Why, why am I doing this?"...and yet you still do it. We headed out with our friends Matt & Erin for a quick night after work. When we left the house there was a storm on the horizon but we thought it would stay near home not out on the lake... well we were wrong. When we got there was experienced the calm before the storm. Then it looked like this.

Yes this is me skiing on the roughest water ever

The waves were so big they rivaled those that we rode when we were on the open ocean in Mexico. This is Matt & Erin catching some air.

We're a bunch of crazies!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Four Wheeling & the Fourth

My family decided to get together this holiday weekend and participate in one of our favorite activities; four wheeling. We went up on a trail just above Strawberry Reservoir and the scenery was beautiful. It truly helps remind me of how beautiful this country is and how grateful I am for the sacrifices that others have made to let me enjoy it and the freedoms we all have.

We stopped to enjoy a picnic lunch... I promise we were all enjoying ourselves even though we all look grumpy. Food always seems to taste better like this.

After word we had planned to stop in Heber City to eat some dinner but we ended the day a little earlier than we thought so we ended up just getting a treat at the local fav, Grannies. Nothing like hand spun shake and fresh cut fries, this was taken after they were devoured.

I love my family, and my country! Happy Fourth!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Consequences of Fun

We have been patiently waiting for the warm summer weather to get here to get out and enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer. So on Tuesday this week while the weather was still warm Kyle and I decided to take the wave runners out on the lake with our good firends Matt and Erin.

Well fun always has it's consequences with me, I can not manage to to do anything adventurous with out hurting myself some how. This time I actually managed to physically run into the wave runner I was riding with my full body and this was the outcome...

mind you that this has been taken three days after the event. This is the result of the "stop" button on the handle being permanently imprinted to my thigh.

I do have to say that it was worth it though, hopefully that will be the worst of it this summer though I doubt it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here Piggy Piggy...

So it's official, the swine flu has hit our family. Kyle got a call from his Dad last night. his Dad told him he was just diagnosed with the swine flu. Of course Kyle thought he was just joking around but Gary really did insist that he had it, he had just come back from the doctor. The doc told him plenty of fluids and rest and stay away from people. He'll be fine though, the swine is no worse that the regular. Hope he gets feeling better soon!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 of the Happiest Years

Kyle and I just celebrated our two year anniversary this week. I can't believe that it has been that long already it seems like it was just yesterday that we were planning our wedding and fixing up our new home. Kyle is more than I could ever ask for. He is one of the most hard working, thoughtful, considerate, loving husband ever!

We celebrated it by relaxing over the weekend in Park City doing my very most favorite activity... SHOPPING! He was so good, he didn't roll his eyes, sigh loudly, or complain once.

I can't wait for the years to come!

Pretty Flowers

My flowers are getting so big; I'm glad that I haven't killed them yet...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Planting is Done!

Kyle and I have been working out in the yard for the past few weekends getting to ready for summer. Last summer we put in a humungo planter, by the time it was done it was too late to plant anything, so I was very excited to get some plants in it this spring.

We got flats of wave petunias, pansies, and a bunch of perennials and honestly I'm not sure what they're called. Kyle and I wondered aimlesley around the nursery picking out plants with no idea what they were, or if they would actually go. Needless to say; we have a lot to learn about that kind of stuff. In the end I think everything worked out perfectly. Now I just hope we can keep it alive!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dreaming of Spring

I don't know about everyone else but i'm getting a bit perturbed that we are now 11 days deep into the official Spring season and I keep waking up to snow on the ground.

I want to feel the heat on my skin, smell all the plants comming alive, plant my planters with pretty spring flowers, and spend all my time outside. I need to do something other than sit on my butt which is what i have been doing since November.

Come on Spring, I know your not just a dream, i'm waiting for you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Island Vacation

I'm sorry that it's been a while...I told you I wasn't sure if I would be so good at this blog thing.
Kyle and I returned from a cruise about a month ago. We had so much fun visiting new places with our good friends Erin and Matt Read. I was reminiscing today on that vacation and thought about how I never wanted to come back. We did run into some in climate weather on this trip but who can complain really when it was the middle of January and it only dropped to 71 when it was a tropical down pour, much better than the 35 it was in Utah when we left.

We had three stops, the first was Cozumel Mexico. We had the chance to go to a reserve for Sting Rays where we got to swim with about 100 of them big and small. I was kind of nervous at first because of the whole Steve Erwin thing, but then i found out all of their barbs are trimmed so there was no way they could kill me. We got to feed them and hold them, unfortunately i don't have a picture of that because they wouldn't let us take our camera in that area. But we did get a few when we were snorkeling...

Our Second stop was Roatan Honduras, a small island off the main land. This was the most beautiful stop of the trip, the sun came out on the beautiful tropical island. Because the sun was out Erin and I just wanted to lay out on the beach and soak it in while the boys went snorkeling, but shortly after they swam out to the reef they were brought back on a boat that had stopped to see if they wanted to go farther out of the reef where the really good snorkeling is. We decided it would be a shame to miss something so we hopped on and headed out. I was so glad we did too, it was absolutely awesome! It turns out the the reef that surrounds the island is the second largest reef in the world! This is everyones favorite fish.

Our third stop was Costa Maya Mexico. This was the worst day we had on our trip, it was pouring rain the second we walked off the ship, so we decided to hang around the port for a while and shop to give it a chance to let up. Well it never really did so we decided to take a taxi into town and see what there was to do. It turns out that Costa Maya was ravaged by a hurricane not long ago and was still a mess. The town was a little creepy and we were all just bummed... that was until the boys found the wave runners. We ended up taking them out on the open ocean that was really choppy because of the storm. We ended up having so much fun! The only creepy thing was because the water was so choppy you could still see things moving in the water below you but you weren't quite sure what they were. Let's just say when Kyle and I fell off we were quick to get right back on.

All in all it was a VERY fun time even though the conditions weren't perfect. I highly recommend this kind of vacation to anyone! We'll that's it for this time... hopefully I'll have something else to say soon! Thanks!