Saturday, September 19, 2009

Summer Update

With the ofical first day of Autumn fast approaching next week I thought I should give a final update on my summer doings.

This summer Kyle and I enjoyed eachothers company, friends, the outdoors, food and fun! One of our families favorite summer activities as you have noticed is both waverunning, and four wheeling. Kyle somehow mannaged to convience me to purchase another four wheeler reciently. We decided to take it out on its innogural ride a few days after we got it and headed up to Avon, just the two of us.

Please pardon the dirty faces; just one of the perks of riding. Nothing like the taste dirt in your mouth to give you a real appreciation for the outdoors.

We also managed to convince our friend Erin, who had never ridden a four wheeler, to take her and her husband out for a ride. No pics for this one, but we all headed up to East Canyon where Matt and Erin have access to all 150,000 acres of land to ride on. It was a perfect day for riding and the trails were beautiful, we're looking forward to going again sometime.

I also got the decorating bug over the summer. Our house is a little on the small side and when ever we have people over there just doesn't to seem to be enough room. So i decided that i needed to purchase a new sectional for additional seating. Well after a full day of searching from here to point of the mountain with the help of my friend Erin, we came to the conclusion that I just wasnt going to find something that i was in love with and afford; so i just settled with redecorating. The room is not quite complete but here it is.

It's brighter and more colorful

Next... onto the bedroom!

On a side note; for some reason the decorating bug always seems to hit me when Kyle is gone hunting. Every year he comes home to something new.

Kyle did go bow hunting this year with is Dad and Grandpa but was unsuccessful. For some reason it's alot harder to kill and animal with a stick than a bullet. I do have to say that im relieved that he didn't get anything.

So that's it for now. While the weather last a little longer well soak up as much as we can, maybe go waveruning a few more times, and possibly go camping? I am excited to fall to be here though, it's my favorite season. I just hope we dont skip it and move straight onto winter.