Monday, March 5, 2012

Our Scary Night

Last night was one heck of a night for our family.  To start Tyce woke up the night before last with what sounded like the croup.  He was coughing that nasty cough and was having a hard time breathing; partly because he was crying and partly because of the croup.  Kyle was up with him most he night, but by morning he sounded lots better and acted even better than he sounded.  Later, when he was down for his nap, he woke up crying and not breathing well again.  We tried the steamy room, and breathing cold air (only it wasn't cold enough yesterday to help) nothing seemed to be helping.  He was really wheezy.  I was getting worried and wasn't sure what needed to be done.  He was acting just fine, but I didn't like how he was sounding.

Kyle and I were in the kitchen getting dinner started at about 5p.m., we were talking about whether we should take him to insta care when.... BAM!  We heard an awful noise and ran around the corner into the living room to see Tyce standing up, crying, with blood running down his face.  We're not completely sure what happened but we think he was running, tripped and hit his head on a little IKEA side table we have on his way down. We scooped him up, cleaned his head a little and knew right away we needed to go to the Dr.

Tyce was so tough, he only cried for a minute or two.  We made it to the Dr and they bumped him right to the top of the list because they didn't like his breathing and then there was the blood factor.

First he got a shot to help open his airway.  Then we had to get his wound cleaned and numbed with gel.  He had finally started settling down from the cleaning, about 40 minutes later, when it was time to go get the stitches.

Now this was a little traumatic for everyone.  Kyle and I had to hold him down while the nurse held his head.  He really was such a good boy, he didn't struggle to much at all, he just cried and cried; it was scary!  Three stitches later we were done.  Only then the Dr. decided he still didn't like the way he was breathing so he ordered up a breathing treatment.

By now Tyce had had enough, and it was a good long struggle to keep that mask next to his face until all the medication was gone.

Finally we got to head home, by now it was almost 8pm.  We were all exhausted.

Later that night his breathing got labored again which made me nervous.  I kept a close eye on him all night which meant only a little sleep for me.  Around 3 a.m. his breathing got easier and my fears got to rest a little.  Today everyone is doing much better, though maybe a little groggy and grumpy.  We're all happy to put this behind us.  Hopefully our little guys war scar wont be too bad, and Mommy wont have to do thing again for a long time!  I don't think my heart could take it.

Thanks to everyone for your concern and well wishes!

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  1. Oh my gosh! How stressful! Poor little guy!!