Monday, January 23, 2012

Blurb Book: Journal for Tyce

A little bit ago I told a friend of mine about how I wanted to start keeping a better journal for Tyce of all the cute little things he does and the milestones in his life.  I had hand written a few things in a cute little journal that was given to me as a gift but I hadn't kept up on it very well.   I thought I'd probably do better if I typed it out because I can just sit down and get it done quick.  She suggested that I start my own private blog just for Tyce like she had done for her kiddos.

What a brilliantly simple idea right?!  So started the blog "Dear Tyce"   
(I ripped off the title too, it was too cute. Thanks Mandy!)
When she told me about it I immediately thought of how you can turn your blog into books.  How fun would it be to print out a book of my thoughts and observations for him to read down the line; one for every year of his life.  Maybe give them to him on his wedding day...or when he moves away?

I quickly transferred everything I had written onto the blog and then filled in the rest with blog posts from this blog about him, as well using dated pictures I had and writing my memories from those events.

I shopped around and found the website where you can download your blog as well as customize the layouts, fonts, pictures.  It was awesome!  

(Please pardon the horrible pictures, why I always wait until the middle of the night to take pics I'll never know)

I finished his first book and got it in the mail a few weeks ago.  I gotta tell's totally legit!  I love it!  I hope Tyce will too!
Now if only I keep it up!


  1. That is SO cute!!! Geez, and talk about being on the ball...our talk about this was only a month ago, and you're already done with his first book!! I love it!!!

  2. adorable! i love blurb! i make my blog into a book each year! sometimes it takes some time to organize the way i want but it always looks so great. their quality is fabulous! love this idea, glad you liked blurb too!