Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We had a fun Easter this year.  It was fun experiencing it with a toddler for the first time.
Tyce woke up to his basket that the Easter Bunny left him, as well as a new lawn mower; he'll be excited to help his Dad with the lawn this summer I'm sure.

Tyce tried a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday at Lisa's parents house and he wasn't too into it so we decided to scratch our hunt for Easter day, maybe next year!  I ended up making deviled eggs instead.

Now you can't see much of Tyce's cute Easter Sunday clothes because that little wiggle worm wouldn't sit still to save his life to take a picture.  All he wanted to do was play in Grandpas car; which of course Grandpa let him do.  In the end though you can see the adorable tie that Mom and I whipped up!  I think I'll have to make more they were so easy.  Maybe even a matching tie for his Daddy too!

It was fun to start our new Easter traditions and I'm already looking forward to next years Easter when Tyce will be into it even more.

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  1. Hey! I didn't do anything on that cute tie. I just served as your encouragement and YOU did all the work! Cool lawn mower - does it make noise?